Disfold: Your Ultimate Destination for Comprehensive Business & Finance Data

We are proud to introduce Disfold, our innovative FinTech that is set to revolutionize the way you access and analyze business and finance data. Its goal: empowering you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. With Disfold’s user-friendly platform and advanced AI-driven insights, you can now make well-informed decisions in the ever-changing landscape of business and finance.

Disfold relies on an extensive and diverse database, which includes market capitalization evolution, sector, industry, and country analysis for more than 11 sectors and 100 industries, encompassing over 34,000 of the world’s top-listed companies. With in-depth analysis, it allows you to delve into top competitors, concentration, and distribution within each country, sector, and industry, providing you with a holistic view of the market dynamics. Thanks to this new powerful tool, you can make strategic business moves and identify potential investment opportunities with ease.

You can for example get lists of companies in the world or by country:

Or by worldwide sector/industry, like:

…or even by country AND sector/industry, such as:

Furthermore, Disfold offers data for over 50,000 stocks from around the globe, alongside stock indices data for seamless comparisons. Each stock and index on our platform comes with interactive charts, moving averages, and a variety of trading signals studies.

Apple stock price chart, moving averages, and volumes as of 28 March 2023

This enables you to identify trends, patterns, and potential entry and exit points with precision. Disfold’s aim is to provide you with a comprehensive toolbox to make your investment journey as informed and successful as possible, notably also allowing you to get lists and rankings of companies by stock index, such as:

Disfold takes advantage of machine learning and AI-driven technologies that allow us to go beyond just presenting data – we turn it into actionable intelligence. Our relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that you stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced world of business and finance. Join us in exploring Disfold and discover how it can elevate your investment strategy, strengthen your market understanding, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Visit disfold.com today and start uncovering the wealth of information at your fingertips.


AILEPHANT – Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence has seen an incredible explosion in its applications in the last few years thanks to the availability of cheap computing power and the large quantities of data certain companies have collected or have access to. These two parameters have especially enabled a class of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, to become exceptionally efficient at recognizing patters and predicting characteristics of new data.

In order to keep up with the rapid expansion of AI, learn programming its algorithms and help others learn… and maybe also, some day, contribute to the development of the field, I created a new website to serve as a base to collect resources, codes and ideas on machine learning and the broader field of Artificial Intelligence. This website, AILEPHANT, can serve as a base to post information and start discussions with those interested in AI; it could also help launch AI applications in the future.


Given the ever evolving nature of technology and the rapidly changing landscape of AI which attracts every day more investors and companies, researchers and applications developer, if you are interested in the field be sure to follow AILEPHANT. As it is still an early phase for AI, the field holds much hopes and promises to become something huge in the future.

Even though AILEPHANT is a very humble collections of information, codes and resources, AI is a fascinating tech that keeps pushing me to learn more and more and experiment further and further. I post every interesting I come across there, so be sure to come have a look now and then, as I hope that it will someday be able to transform it into something more than just a mere website.


ArchiAdvisor – Guide for the architecture of houses and buildings

With the relative success of Architecte de Bâtiments and Architecte de Maisons and their tens of thousands of visitors each month, a new English version to guide people through the architecture of houses and buildings has just been released to tackle the demand of information from the international market in English.

Having launched the two websites in French in 2012 and 2013 and recently tested new ways to monetize them through e-commerce, the idea to translate, adapt and update their contents in English for a larger audience was finally implemented. Through a renewed branding and contents while reusing some of their responsive design, ArchiAdvisor is now available to guide project owners through the architecture of their houses and buildings.

ArchiAdvisor - Guide for the architecture of houses and buildings

With  a lot of technical, legal and architectural information, beautifully illustrated with pictures of the buildings from Laurent Bansac Architect and the houses of James Bansac Architects, the contents have greatly been enhanced to cater to a larger international audience and respond to their needs for information.

With its expanding experience in the digital communication and marketing for architects and architecture in the French market, Fluorcom now aims at learning about the English market with this new media. And through Fluorcom’s experience in inbound marketing, this new challenge will surely provide new insights to better understand the global dynamics of SEO, social media and advertising.

ASEAN UP – Empowering business in ASEAN

Our latest digital venture, ASEAN UP, aims at leveraging EYE3 GROUP’s business experience and network gathered in Vietnam and Thailand, and more extensively in the South East Asian region, at a turning point in the history of the Association of South East Asian Nations – ASEAN (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

ASEAN UP - Empowering business in ASEAN

ASEAN is on a track to gather in a closer economic region through the expected formation of the ASEAN Economic Community by the end of 2015. This major event in the history of South East Asia will foster many new business opportunities. Strong of its experience and its founder’s managerial background, EYE3 GROUP aims at benefiting from this effect by creating today a useful website of business resources to assist and grow with this accelerating economic dynamism.

ASEAN UP positions itself as a reference to empower business in ASEAN. By providing free and useful ASEAN business resources, tools, market reviews, news, information and services to a community that is, and will be, interested in developing business in the ASEAN region, ASEAN UP aims at becoming a leading platform in the digital business landscape of ASEAN and its 10 member countries.

Currently providing quality resources, tips and tools, and market information about ASEAN and its 10 current members, ASEAN UP also its ASEAN Directory: a quality directory of website based in, or targeting any or many ASEAN countries where any webmaster or enthusiast a particular website, can, by himself, submit a website to the ASEAN directory.

Targeting a large base of users – ASEAN itself is home to more than 600 Million people – ASEAN UP will propose more business and professional services as it grows in in traffic with ambitious target to be reached by 2015 as the ASEAN Economic Community integration will be completed. It could also offer more dedicated services, resources and information to several segments, be they particular to one or more specific ASEAN country, industries or business domains.

2018 Update: Expanding beyond Southeast Asia

Given the relative success of ASEAN UP, a new website has been created to expand its scale to the rest of the world, and maybe also grow to other themes in future updates. This new website, Disfold, has big ambitions for the future in terms in traffic and revenue, come have a look periodically to follow its development.

Architecte de Maisons : Guide for the architecture of houses in France

Following the relative success of Architecte de Bâtiments in the niche of the architecture of buildings in France, and to leverage the experience acquired in its making together with the strong ties with James Bansac Architects, a new digital venture had been in strategic conception phase for a while.

Having agreed on the terms of a partnership with James Bansac Architects in mid 2013, Fluorcom / EYE3 GROUP launched the works to create a new website, contents and responsive design to provide useful information and examples to people planning to build their house in France through the intervention of an architect.

A new responsive design that not only enhanced the display of text and images on all devices, but user experience in general, bringing additional constraints to the model of Architecte de Bâtiments was thus implemented. Thus was born Architecte de Maisons, a guide for the conception and construction of houses in France (only available in French), which was officially launched in November 2013.

Logo Architecte de Maisons

Architecte de Maisons: guide for the conception and construction of houses in France

Together with the necessary presentation of various technical, legal and architectural information, conveniently illustrated with numerous pictures of the gorgeous houses realized by James Bansac Architects, this new design became a new standard that would later be applied to the initial model, through a complete redesign that is much more modern, but now also responsive.

Logo Architecte de Bâtiments

New design of Architecte de Bâtiments

Tackling the niche of the architecture of houses in France, that is very close, and sometimes crossing that of the architecture of buildings in France, through the creation of various textual and visual contents, also allows Fluorcom to expand its knowledge in the digital communication and marketing for architects and architecture, and more specifically for the French market.

Several inbound marketing actions have been engaged and are now being conducted to futher enhance the reach of Architecte de Maisons, especially through SEO and on social networks and particularly through Architecte de Maisons’ twitter account that echoes useful French news, information and tips to conceive, build and live in a great house in France.

Architecte de Bâtiments : Guide for architecture of buildings in France

In early 2012, the French architect agency Agence Laurent Bansac Architecte was going through a very difficult period, as most other architecture agencies in France. Client of Fluorcom, for various digital communications services, the architecture agency needed to find new ways to reach potential new clients, so a new digital project was to be conceived with this goal in partnership with Fluorcom / EYE3 GROUP.

Leveraging the architecture agency’s expertise in conception and construction of buildings as well as the knowledge of Fluorcom in digital marketing, a new venture was created with the objective of offering useful information about all the aspects of the architecture of buildings in France, and for the people that could be interested, a possibility to obtain a quotation for their buildings projects.

Thus was born Architecte de Bâtiments, a guide for the conception and construction of buildings in France (only available in French).

Architecte de Bâtiments - Logo

Architecte de Bâtiments : guide for the conception and construction of buildings in France.

Although this media website is quite simple, a lot of time and attention has been dedicated to create very useful contents to naturally drive a lot of traffic to the site. This editorial strategy has also been enhanced by a rigorous ongoing SEO service that following the Google guidelines on all technical, editorial and marketing fronts.

Having been published in early May 2012, Architecte de Bâtiments comes as a quite successful project with regards to the audience numbers, validating and consolidating Fluorcom’s skills in inbound marketing (production of quality content + digital content marketing), that ultimately harvest numerous requests for buildings quotations for the Agence Laurent Bansac Architecte.

As of February 2013, according to Google Analytics, the site attracts more than 7000 visits per month, for 6000 unique visitors, including almost 5000 in France, although the number of articles is still quite low.

As more contents shall be added and inboud marketing channels reinforced, after the initial launch phase, more ambitious goals are set in numbers of visitors, and qualified requests for quotations harvested, to further confirm the solidity of the project, both as a popular and financial success, and an independant venture with strong ties to both Agence Laurent Bansac Architectes and Fluorcom.

Updates shall be posted to inform about the evolution of this project, please do not hesitate to give us your feedback on that!

Fluorcom – Digital Communication Agency

EYE3 GROUP was created by Florian Bansac in September 2010 and incorporated in Hong Kong in December 2010 to launch, manage and develop international, innovative and intellectual ventures.

This definition of scope that had set a general direction along Florian’s personal interests needed a real, tangible and effective first application. It came at that time as an evidence, giving a consistence to all of these rather wide themes into one service: digital communication. After a little brainstorming and checking of domain names availability, Fluorcom came to birth in the end of 2010, with a first website released publicly by the time of EYE3 GROUP’s official incorporation.

Florian’s long lasting inclination for design and web services was finally embodied into an official brand, and also a smart way to deliver intellectual and innovative services internationally, especially to his network in France, from his home, at that time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He had found a natural way to provide anywhere in the world what he had come to learn as a leisure before, and which would become a real passion, make him learn continuously and acquire a certain expertise in the conception of digital comunication systems and technologies, web and mobile design and marketing.

Through these very useful skills and a production based in Vietnam and later also, Thailand, Fluorcom became a fully developped digital communication agency that now delivers international-class services to a price that is 15 to 40% lower than traditional agencies in Western Europe or North America. With the help of friends, free-lancers and sub-contractors, and his network of friends and family that became the first clients, most notably James Bansac Architectes, Agence Laurent Bansac Architecte and Formassad, Florian had transformed a simple hobby into a profitable business through passion and a lot of hard work, providing fairly complex digital applications, great responsive design for web and mobile and successful webmarketing to very happy clients that would eventually come back to ask for more services.


Fluorcom – Digital Agency

Even more importantly for EYE3 GROUP, this hands-on knowledge of Fluorcom could now be used as a backbone for EYE3 GROUP to serve other ventures and clients. A proof of that succesful strategy would later come to light through the success of another venture exclusively thanks to the experience acquired by Fluorcom in inbound marketing: the creation and marketing of great digital contents…


Welcome to EYE3 GROUP’s blog!


We will here present our company’s operations, ventures and news.

This blog is an intent to create an informal space for discussion, to share our views and ideas about the launch, management and development of projects and ventures in international business, innovation and intellectual industries. Hopefully, through this blog we will be able to discuss and exchange about these topics that we love with other people and companies who share the same interests.

Please do comment and give us your opinions and feedback on the topics posted or any other relevant subject, we will be glad to engage with constructive reflexions.

We hope to see many people here soon!