AILEPHANT – Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence has seen an incredible explosion in its applications in the last few years thanks to the availability of cheap computing power and the large quantities of data certain companies have collected or have access to. These two parameters have especially enabled a class of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, to become exceptionally efficient at recognizing patters and predicting characteristics of new data.

In order to keep up with the rapid expansion of AI, learn programming its algorithms and help others learn… and maybe also, some day, contribute to the development of the field, I created a new website to serve as a base to collect resources, codes and ideas on machine learning and the broader field of Artificial Intelligence. This website, AILEPHANT, can serve as a base to post information and start discussions with those interested in AI; it could also help launch AI applications in the future.


Given the ever evolving nature of technology and the rapidly changing landscape of AI which attracts every day more investors and companies, researchers and applications developer, if you are interested in the field be sure to follow AILEPHANT. As it is still an early phase for AI, the field holds much hopes and promises to become something huge in the future.

Even though AILEPHANT is a very humble collections of information, codes and resources, AI is a fascinating tech that keeps pushing me to learn more and more and experiment further and further. I post every interesting I come across there, so be sure to come have a look now and then, as I hope that it will someday be able to transform it into something more than just a mere website.


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