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Architecte de Maisons : Guide for the architecture of houses in France

Following the relative success of Architecte de Bâtiments in the niche of the architecture of buildings in France, and to leverage the experience acquired in its making together with the strong ties with James Bansac Architects, a new digital venture had been in strategic conception phase for a while.

Having agreed on the terms of a partnership with James Bansac Architects in mid 2013, Fluorcom / EYE3 GROUP launched the works to create a new website, contents and responsive design to provide useful information and examples to people planning to build their house in France through the intervention of an architect.

A new responsive design that not only enhanced the display of text and images on all devices, but user experience in general, bringing additional constraints to the model of Architecte de Bâtiments was thus implemented. Thus was born Architecte de Maisons, a guide for the conception and construction of houses in France (only available in French), which was officially launched in November 2013.

Logo Architecte de Maisons

Architecte de Maisons: guide for the conception and construction of houses in France

Together with the necessary presentation of various technical, legal and architectural information, conveniently illustrated with numerous pictures of the gorgeous houses realized by James Bansac Architects, this new design became a new standard that would later be applied to the initial model, through a complete redesign that is much more modern, but now also responsive.

Logo Architecte de Bâtiments

New design of Architecte de Bâtiments

Tackling the niche of the architecture of houses in France, that is very close, and sometimes crossing that of the architecture of buildings in France, through the creation of various textual and visual contents, also allows Fluorcom to expand its knowledge in the digital communication and marketing for architects and architecture, and more specifically for the French market.

Several inbound marketing actions have been engaged and are now being conducted to futher enhance the reach of Architecte de Maisons, especially through SEO and on social networks and particularly through Architecte de Maisons’ twitter account that echoes useful French news, information and tips to conceive, build and live in a great house in France.



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